Stabbing victim says he lied

Chad Robinson, a 19-year-old transient who was stabbed numerous times in San Luis Obispo in July, testified Friday that he had made “false statements’’ at a preliminary hearing in August at which he identified an Atascadero man as his attacker.

Robinson has changed his account multiple times since the stabbing July 20, alternately identifying Harley Paul Finney, then recanting, lawyers say.

Finney has denied the stabbing allegation.

Prosecutor Dave Pomeroy indicated Robinson may be afraid for his personal safety, and thus isn’t testifying against Finney, which Robinson denied. Robinson also said during questioning he didn’t care about potential harm.

During the trial, which began Thursday, Robinson repeatedly has said, “I don’t remember,” “I don’t know,” or “I guess so” to Pomeroy’s questions.

Defense attorney Raymond Allen noted Friday that Robinson’s statements at the trial about not knowing or recognizing Finney as the attacker were consistent with Robinson’s initial comments to police July 20.

Allen asked Robinson on Friday if he had lied about the identification of Finney because he felt like he’d won the lottery since prosecutors had put him up in a hotel room, purchased a bus ticket for him and his girlfriend and given him $100 in meal money.

Robinson said Friday the money and lodging were factors, adding, “I didn’t have to fend for myself” on the streets.

The trial continues at 10 a.m. Monday.