SLO County farmers criticize Sen. Barbara Boxer's record on agricultural issues

Representatives of the California Cattlemen’s Association and the San Luis Obispo Farm Bureau joined local vegetable farmers at a news conference Tuesday in San Luis Obispo to express their disapproval of Sen. Barbara Boxer’s record on agricultural issues — citing the Democrat’s stands on unemployment, the "death tax" and access to water resources.

Tom Ikeda, vice president of Ikeda Brothers farms, said later that Republican opponent Carly Fiorina understands what it takes to stay in business while Boxer prioritizes the environment over jobs.

“(Boxer) has supported things that have made it tougher for me to stay in business. As a farmer, I have to compete on a global level,” Ikeda said.

Mike Wootton, vice president of Sunkist Growers Inc., spoke in support of Boxer.

“Barbara Boxer has always been on the side of California growers,” Wootton said in news release. “She has fought to expand markets for California products and is working to protect family farms, preserve wetlands and water supplies.”