Suspects’ stop at gas station investigated

Two of the five suspects alleged to have murdered 15-year-old Dystiny Myers stopped at a Pismo Beach gas station early in the morning on the day that she was discovered dead.

The two men went inside the Five Cities Chevron in Pismo Beach on Sept. 26, sometime before her body was discovered in Santa Margarita, and their behavior concerned the employee working at that time, said Brian Patrick, who has owned the store for eight years.

“The night manager thought he was going to get robbed,” Patrick said.

The men loitered around, and one used the restroom and bought something, and then they left.

The night manager didn’t call the police because the pair left without any incident, Patrick said. He only learned that the men were suspects in Myers’ murder several days later when law enforcement officials requested a small portion of the gas station’s surveillance tape from Patrick.

Two Pismo Beach police officers stopped by the store about 10 minutes after the suspects were gone, Patrick said, but not because of the incident.

Patrick said he has viewed that portion of the video requested by law enforcement and it does not show any footage of any vehicle parked outside that could have been driven by the two men, nor did it show any footage of Myers or the suspects.

“You could never see the truck at all,” said Patrick, who watched the surveillance video before he surrendered it to authorities.

Pismo Beach Police Chief Jeff Norton said Wednesday that he has not viewed the video, nor have any of the police officers in the department.

The department does not have a log of any incident occurring at the Chevron station in the early morning of Sept. 26, nor did police receive a call from that location, he said.

Pismo Beach police did not seize a tape recording from the station, Norton said.

“If the tape shows something, I’d be curious to see it,” he said. “We never had possession of it.”

Rob Bryn, Sheriff’s Department spokesman, declined to comment on the tape, citing the gag order on the case issued Wednesday afternoon by San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera.

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