Diver drowns at Nacimiento Lake Sunday morning

Authorities have confirmed that a diver died Sunday morning after he was trapped underwater at Nacimiento Lake.

He was pinned under a boat during some kind of salvaging operation of a boat that had sank in about 70 feet of water, Sheriff’s Department spokesman Rob Bryn said.

The man was diving around 11 a.m. at Bee Rock Cove, on the north side of the lake north of Paso Robles, according to radio dispatches.

Bryn said that area is known for having poor visibility. The sheriff’s marine unit responded to the incident, and coroner investigators were on the scene through the day, he added.

By 11:10, the diver was out and he was administered CPR while being taken to the marina, according to dispatches from the scene.

Bryn said it’s unlikely any other information — such as the diver’s name, whether he was working for someone or other circumstances of the incident — would be available until Monday.