Citing health, Cambria desalination backer backs out of services district race

Attorney Greg Sanders, two-term director on the Cambria Community Services board won’t run for office again after all. Sanders withdrew from the race Thursday and notified his fellow directors by e-mail Friday.

He has been an advocate for the district’s plan to construct a desalination plant to supplement the town’s water supply. The board voted in 2001 to declare a water emergency and stop issuing new water connections, beginning what amounted to a building moratorium in the seaside town of some 6,500 residents.

Sanders said that he made his decision after consulting with his cardiologist Thursday. In May, doctors inserted a stent in a major artery of his heart, which had been 90 percent blocked, he said.

“Fortunately, I am now in very good health,” Sanders continued. “The one and only problem with my heart has been repaired. My cardiologist wants me to keep it that way.”

The other incumbent in the contest for two of the five seats on the district’s board, longtime Director Peter Chaldecott, announced earlier this year that he wouldn’t run again.

Current candidates are businessman Mike Thompson, gardener and astrologist Harry Farmer, professor and author Valerie Bentz, and college professor and bed and breakfast owner Jim Bahringer.

The filing deadline for the race is Aug. 11.

— Kathe Tanner