Death threats linked to SLO teen

County prosecutors allege that a recent San Luis Obispo High School graduate made written death and injury threats against three then-classmates.

Abigail Edwards, 18, said initially that she was a target of the notes threatening violence, according to a San Luis Obispo Police Department report. But an investigation revealed that she wrote the notes, according to court records.

Police say they found deleted letters on Edwards’ computer that were identical to threatening letters that she reported finding. Many of the notes were typed, though some were handwritten, according to the report.

Edwards admitted to police that she wrote some, but not all, of the letters and placed them on her car and her mother’s car, according to a police report.

Those included a note that stated “SO on march 11th (Edwards) and (a male alleged victim) have to go to lunch together or else I will kill one of you,” according to court records.

Another note threatens violent harm to a purported female victim who wouldn’t look at the author, and states in the note that her arms are “smooth and your body is so tan and perfect,” according to court records.

Edwards adamantly denied writing one specific reported death threat found scrawled at a purported victim’s home that stated, “you will die in 1 month, 13 days and 16 HouRs, (sic)” according to police.

The county District Attorney’s Office has redacted the names of the classmates allegedly targeted in the notes, as well as those of people questioned in the case. Edwards’ attorney, Jeff Stein, declined to comment about the case.

Edwards is scheduled to appear before San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Barry LaBarbera for a pre-preliminary hearing on Aug. 25.

She pleaded not guilty in June to three felony counts of making criminal threats and four charges of falsely reporting a crime. Each crime is alleged to have taken place in February.

Edwards initially told police, while still a student and after she had turned 18, that she was receiving written threats against her and others that included sexual and violent content.

In a report filed by San Luis Obispo High School resource officer Trevor Shalhoob, the notes Edwards brought to his attention contained comments that appeared to come from a stalker.

They contained provocative language, including the author’s knowledge of what kinds of undergarments Edwards and another female slept in.

Two male students were questioned as part of the investigation before police arrested Edwards.

After questioning by investigators, Edwards apologized by saying she was sorry and knew that Shalhoob put a lot of time into the case.

“Edwards began crying and said, ‘So I’m really sorry, but yeah, I did it,’” Shalhoob’s report states.

She said her parents became concerned about her and paid more attention to her after what Shalhoob’s report described as “similar prank-type notes” were left on Edwards’ car at school and under her doormat at home. Edwards has said she did not write those notes, according to police.

“Edwards stated that she has a really great family, and her parents love her and she knows that,” according to Shalhoob’s report.

She also reportedly told police that “she did not put any thought into it and she had seen a lot of murder movies and was using the ideas from those movies.”

“When asked why she threatened to murder (one alleged victim), she said it was for ‘more attention,’ ” Shalhoob’s report states.

The report claims that the cost of overtime associated with the police investigation was $12,300, and asked that Edwards be held accountable for that amount.