Cuesta College student accused of sexual assault

A Cuesta College student allegedly lured a fellow student to his apartment by offering her dinner and a chocolate dessert before committing a violent sexual assault.

David Andrew Shenosky, 22, has pleaded not guilty to charges that include attempted murder, kidnapping and sexual assault.

He is being held in County Jail without bail.

The alleged victim, also a Cuesta student, described Shenosky as 6 feet 4 and 250 pounds, according to a search warrant filed by the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

The Tribune is not naming the 19-year-old woman because she’s the alleged victim of a sex crime. “This is clearly a serious case, and we’re looking at some of (Shenosky’s) mental issues,” said Guy Galambos, Shenosky’s lawyer.

Shenosky had previously told the woman he has social anxiety disorder and takes psychiatric medications, the warrant states.

An examination of Shenosky’s computer by investigators revealed suicide letters to various people, an apology letter to the alleged victim, and a letter “to those wishing to understand,” police said.

A letter included a plan to kill the woman, but Shenosky wrote he was unable to because he “loved her too much,” the warrant stated.

The alleged incident happened March 25 at the defendant’s apartment on the 100 block of Carpenter Street in San Luis Obispo.

Shenosky knew the woman from Cuesta and invited her over for dinner, offering her chocolate cheesecake.

“(The woman) enjoys chocolate desserts and believed Shenosky was being sincere,” the warrant states. According to the warrant, they had known each other for about five months, and she told him she wanted to be his friend and was not interested in him romantically.

Shenosky drove the woman to his apartment, began preparing dinner, and showed her “karate moves such as punches, blocks and kicks.”

Then he allegedly choked, gagged and sexually assaulted the woman, threatening to kill her if she didn’t comply.

The woman told police the assault took place over several hours, and he drove her home.

The woman had broken blood vessels in her eyes, marks on her wrists from being bound with tape, scratches on her arm from a knife, and bruising on her arms, investigators said.

“Upon dropping her off at her home in Atascadero, Shenosky told (the woman) ‘I am going to prison, be dead, or check myself into a mental institution.’ ”

A preliminary hearing was held Friday, and Judge John Trice ruled that prosecutor Andy Cadena presented probable cause to continue to trial in the case.

But Trice rejected one charge that Shenosky used a weapon during the alleged crime.