SLO County Roundup

Paso Robles

The lawyer for the Paso Robles man accused of 91 charges of sex-related crimes against a relative who’s a minor will appeal a recent decision.

Defense attorney Trace Milan says he’ll appeal a ruling against his client — 37-year-old William Zavaleta Palacios — by San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge John Trice.

Trice determined that Paso Robles police Officer Daniel Hackett properly instructed and carefully explained Zavaleta’s Miranda rights. Milan argued at a recent hearing that Zavaleta’s confession shouldn’t be allowed to be considered at trial because he didn’t speak English well enough to understand his right to an attorney, and that he should have had an interpreter.

The trial is scheduled for Sept. 15, and the appeal to the 2nd District Court of Appeals in Ventura is expected to be decided before then, Milan said.

Zavaleta faces more than 100 years in prison if convicted, prosecutors said.

— Nick Wilson