Sunny Acres residents could be forced out if judge sides with county on Friday

About 20 residents of Dan De Vaul’s Sunny Acres farm could be forced to move out if a judge decides to issue a court order Friday because of alleged unsafe living conditions.

De Vaul was in Judge Charles Crandall’s courtroom today for a civil law hearing about a possible injunction on the Sunny Acres property because of alleged violations of health and safety codes.

If Crandall decides in favor of the county, De Vaul also could have to pay each resident who’s forced to move more than $1,000 each.

Sunny Acres currently houses people seeking treatment for alcohol and substance abuse and homeless people as part of its nonprofit service.

De Vaul’s lawyer, John Belsher, argued that his client has been working with county officials to comply with orders, and said in 2005 his client was cleared of all code issues by the county.

Belsher said that his client had proposed a new 16-room house to the county, but failed negotiations on filing fees between his client and county officials have killed the project.

De Vaul’s hearing is scheduled to continue at 9:15 a.m. Friday in Crandall’s courtroom.