Cambria fishermen rescued after boat overturns off Moonstone Beach

Three boaters were rescued unharmed from their overturned fishing skiff from ocean waters along Moonstone Beach in Cambria about 1:15 p.m. Monday.

Waves were getting big and choppy, so the experienced fishermen, all Cambria residents, were headed back to shore when their boat was hit by a rogue wave close to the surf line.

“They did everything right,” said Steve Bitto, a Cambria Fire Department captain and member of North Coast Ocean Rescue Team (NCOR). “They all had their lifejackets on, they stayed with the boat, and they stayed together.”

NCOR rescuers found motorboat owner Don Sather and Bill Walters sitting on top of the overturned craft, which used to belong to the Cambria Fishing Club. Webb was in the water, “trying to keep himself and the boat away from the rocks,” said his wife, Mary Webb. “There wasn’t enough room for all three of them to sit on the boat.”

Within about half an hour, the rescuers had shuttled the cold, wet men in to shore, then righted the boat and dragged it to the beach.