San Luis Obispo County sheriff's deputy injured after shots fired at Nacimiento Lake

A San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputy was injured Friday night after he was hit by a truck during a dispute at a Nacimiento Lake campground.

Law enforcement personnel from San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties rushed to the scene after gunshots were reported about 7:40 p.m. at an overflow campground near the lake.

Rob Bryn, spokesman for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department, said several deputies responded to an altercation in a crowded campsite. When they did, Bryn said, a man got behind the wheel of a pickup and ran over a tent while trying to flee the deputies.

One deputy opened fire in an attempt to stop the man, who Bryn said was on parole. The man then struck the deputy with the truck, Bryn said.

About 100 people were present at the campsite, which was crowded with trailers, campers and tents at the time, Bryn said. If the deputies had not stopped the man, Bryn said, “There would have been carnage.”

The deputy was taken by helicopter to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton with a compound fracture, from which he is expected to recover. The deputy’s name was not released Friday night.

Additional information on the alleged assailant was not available Friday night. He is expected to be booked on suspicion of attempted murder of the deputy.

It was unclear late Friday night what prompted the initial altercation.

Nacimiento Lake straddles the San Luis Obispo-Monterey county line about 20 miles north of Paso Robles.