Zeppelin to fly over Central Coast skies Tuesday in attempt to break record

The Zeppelin Eureka will fly over the Central Coast as it attempt to set a world distance record for a modern airship Tuesday.

Based in Moffett Field near San Jose, the airship will try to cover 459.3 miles in a flight from the former U.S. Navy base to Brown Field in San Diego, according to an announcement by Airship Ventures, which owns the Zeppelin.

Sponsored by Farmers Insurance and bearing the company’s logo, the airship — claimed to be the world’s largest by its owners — will seek to break a record held by a Russian team by 70.2 miles, according to Airship Ventures.

It’s set to leave the Bay Area at 7 a.m. and arrive in San Diego by 4 p.m. Its route is expected to largely follow Highway 1, but it also will fly over Santa Maria, Santa Barbara and downtown Los Angeles.