Less wind expected today, but temperatures still forecast to be on the cool side

The blustery weather of the past week gives way today to cooler-than-normal temperatures, but much less winds, says local forecaster John Lindsey.

Strong winds are normal along the Central Coast in the spring, but of note the past few days have been low temperatures accompanying the gusts.

Lindsey said that the low temperature recorded in San Luis Obispo Sunday morning was 37 degrees – a record low for the date. The daytime high Sunday in San Luis Obispo was 61 – 15 degrees below normal.

The cold is not limited to air temperatures. Lindsey said the strong winds have caused a lot of upwelling in the ocean just offshore – meaning the cold water from near the bottom of the sea is pulled upward. As a result, ocean temperatures are now 48 degrees, making conditions bone-chilling for surfers and kayakers.

Today will see highs in the 60s at the coast and San Luis Obispo and the mid-70s in the North County. Skies will be partly cloudy, Lindsey said.

Clouds will build up through Tuesday as a late-season storm moves down the coast, and light rainfall should start Tuesday night and linger into Wednesday morning, said Lindsey. Daytime highs will remain in the 60s. Snow might even fall across the Sierra at elevations above 5,000 feet.

Then on Friday the winds will start again as high pressure builds across the region. Temperatures will also rise into the 70s in San Luis Obispo and 80s in the North County for the Memorial Day weekend.

-- Tad Weber