Paso Robles standoff ends after distraught man surrenders

A man distraught over finances and having a spat with a renter kept a SWAT team in a standoff in Paso Robles since the mid-afternoon until he surrendered just after 7 p.m. Friday, police said.

After he walked out of his Vine Street home, officers took the 51-year-old man into custody and turned him over to the county Mental Health Department, a Paso Robles police sergeant said.

There, the man was to be held for 72 hours for evaluation, according to police.

Police said they could not disclose the man’s name because the incident involved his mental health, citing his federal privacy rights.

The standoff followed a lockdown of about two hours at Bauer-Speck Elementary School about a block away.

That began just as school was getting out, around 2:15 or 2:30 p.m., Paso Robles Public Schools administrator Greig Welch said.

School officials took that precaution after someone told police they heard a single gunshot at the man’s home.

Officers couldn’t confirm nor deny that a gunshot was fired, police said.

But officers seized more than a dozen rifles and several handguns that were around the house, police said.

The man — who also owns the house behind his own — had been upset over personal financial issues, and had a disagreement with his renters, according to police.

He had reportedly torn up screens on the rental home and broke out some windows, police said.