Lucia Mar to send out 74 layoff notices

Seventy-four Lucia Mar employees, including more than 50 teachers and about 10 counselors, will receive final layoff notices.

Lucia Mar school district trustees voted 5-2 Tuesday night to approve sending notices, as required by state law. The employees would be let go at the end of the school year – though the district could hire them back before the start of the next school year.

Trustees Georgie O’Connor and Erik Howell voted against the layoffs.

The district faces a $5 million cut from its $52 million general fund budget in the 2010-11 year. Board trustees will consider a draft budget June 15.

They may at a later meeting discuss whether to lay off nearly two dozen classified employees. The personnel cuts would save the district about $2.3 million.

In March, the board voted to send initial layoff notices to 98 credentialed employees, including 21 who were included on a precautionary basis. The final notices will go out to 74 employees, but equals 67.9 full-time-equivalent positions.