Pair found guilty in bank robbery

Two men found guilty Friday of a 2008 bank robbery and kidnapping in Paso Robles may face life in prison.

Tino Ortega Simmons, 34, and Thomas Cameron Kincade, 50, were found guilty in San Luis Obispo Superior Court of all charges against them, including kidnapping while committing a robbery and false imprisonment in a heist caught on a surveillance camera June 24, 2008, at Citibank at 16th and Spring streets.

In addition, Kincade was found by the jury to have used a firearm during the robbery — an enhancement that can add 10 years to his sentence.

Simmons and Kincade had pleaded not guilty to the charges in December 2008. They’re to be sentenced July 13.

Both men have prior convictions for robbery — found to be credible by Judge Barry LaBarbera — that will be considered in their sentencing, District Attorney’s Office spokesman Jerret Gran said.

Kincade has one prior bank robbery conviction. Simmons has two: one for bank robbery and one for robbery, making him eligible to be sentenced under terms of the three-strikes law, Gran said. That law calls for life sentences for third felony convictions.

In June 2008, Kincade of Fontana and Simmons of Bakersfield walked into the bank wearing motorcycle helmets and carrying weapons, police said. They demanded cash from the tellers and told the customers in the bank to lie down on the floor.

One of the men then ordered a bank employee to take money from the vault and put it in a backpack.

A bank customer was entering the building as the robbery was in progress and tried to turn back to her car, but a third man in a getaway van told her to get inside the building.

Kincade was found about 20 minutes after the heist on the Highway 41 southbound on-ramp in the van that two witnesses said was used at the bank.

Investigators obtained a search warrant for Simmons’ home and found the $119,500 in cash stolen from the bank, a backpack, two black Harley-Davidson motorcycle helmets and bandannas with DNA that matched Kincade and Simmons.

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