Court suspends Grover Beach robbery case

David Jordan Griffin
David Jordan Griffin

The robbery suspect shot early Friday morning by a Grover Beach police officer will be examined for his mental capacity to participate in legal proceedings, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

David Jordan Griffin’s attorney, Michael Adams, declared doubt Wednesday about his client’s mental competency after accusations surfaced that Griffin had used the Megan’s Law website to track down and assault registered sex offenders. Two doctors have been appointed to examine him.

Griffin, a 24-year-old resident of Shelter Cove, in Humboldt County, is due back in court May 17.

In the meantime, all criminal proceedings in his case have been suspended, prosecutors said.

His injury from the shooting has been treated and is not life threatening.

Griffin appeared in Judge Michael Duffy’s court Wednesday in a wheelchair, wearing an orange jumpsuit and accompanied by a bailiff.

Griffin is suspected of using a machete in a robbery of a Chevron in Grover Beach early Friday morning before police chased him into a mobile home park; he then allegedly tried to run officers over in a car.

Lt. John Peters fired five shots, striking Griffin in the upper leg with one bullet.

Police said that witnesses identified Griffin in two incidents in which he’s accused of targeting sex offenders for beatings April 22.

Griffin is also suspected of tracking down sex offenders in Grover Beach to assault them. The day before the Chevron incident, he tried to break into one home and soon after attacked a man in another home, police say.

Tribune staff reporter Cynthia Lambert contributed to this report.