Officer who shot suspect named

The Grover Beach Police Department has released the name of the officer who shot a robbery suspect last week.

Lt. John Peters fired five shots at 24-year-old David Jordan Griffin through a car, striking him in the upper leg with one bullet before Griffin crashed, department officials reported.

Peters, a police officer for 15 years, fired the shots after Griffin allegedly made an attempt to run over officers in a 1994 Chevy sedan.

Griffin was suspected of carrying a machete and stealing money from the Chevron at 1284 W. Grand Ave. early Friday morning.

Police said Griffin fled on foot after they responded to the robbery, and they surrounded him in a trailer park before Griffin got into the car and backed it toward officers.

Griffin was treated at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital for wounds that did not threaten his life.

Peters has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into the shooting by the District Attorney’s Office.

Targeting sex offenders

Police also reported Tuesday that Griffin was targeting Grover Beach sex offenders for beatings and allegedly attempted to break into the home of one man while threatening him and assaulted another Thursday.

Griffin, a resident of Shelter Cove, in Humboldt County, is believed to have tracked the men from a Megan’s Law online list of sex offenders.

On Thursday at 9:16 a.m., Griffin allegedly tried to break down the door of a residence on Longbranch Avenue while swearing at a man and calling him a sex offender.

Police said Griffin assaulted a second man on North 16th Street about 30 minutes later; he allegedly kicked and punched him and took personal belongings.

After Griffin was arrested Friday, he reportedly made numerous statements to police that he hated sex offenders and acknowledged the two incidents on Thursday.

Both victims identified Griffin as the suspect, Grover Beach police reported.

Griffin is expected to be arraigned in court at 8:30 a.m. today on several charges, including attempted murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.