Day-care provider crashes SUV with kids onboard, gets arrested for alleged DUI

Four children between 2 and 4 years old suffered scrapes and bruises after an allegedly drunken day-care provider crashed her SUV en route to an Atascadero elementary school on Monday afternoon.

The children didn't appear to have been restrained in car seats or seatbelts, police said.

Dana Cheri Amador, 42, was arrested Monday on suspicion of driving under the influence and four counts of child endangerment, both felonies, and booked into County Jail. Bail was set at $100,000, which she posted as of Tuesday evening.

Amador's preliminary blood-alcohol content at the time of her arrest was approximately three times the legal limit for driving, police said.

She operates a day care from an Atascadero home. That address was not disclosed.

The crash occurred at 3 p.m. Monday when Amador was driving a 2003 GMC Yukon to pick up her two children from school. She veered to the right and hit a parked car on the 3800 block of Monterey Road, olice said. She over-corrected, police said, and the Yukon veered down an embankment until the car halted on its side.

Of the four children passengers, police said, three belonged to clients.

County Child Welfare Services responded and took temporary custody of the children until their parents or other guardians arrived. None of the children required hospital care, police said, adding that it's remarkable none were seriously injured or killed.

The status of Amador's business license is not yet available.