Expect more rain next week on the Central Coast

Expect more rain next week as another late-season cold front moves over the Central Coast.

It’ll approach the region Monday night and into Tuesday morning with higher winds and rainfall between a quarter of an inch to a half an inch, according to John Lindsey, communications representative for Pacific Gas and Electric Company and longtime local weather expert.

Cold and windy weather is expected to follow, with a few scattered rain showers Wednesday through Friday, he added.

Expect the strongest winds on Friday, with sustained winds of 32 to 46 mph, with gusts hitting 55 mph along the coast, Lindsey said.

Winds are expected to decrease Saturday, with fair and warmer weather by the following Sunday.

In the more near term, expect gentle winds and sunny and warmer weather on Sunday. That, and Monday, will be the warmest days for a while, Lindsey said.