Biz Buzz: Hawaii restaurateur buys Schooner’s

A Chicago businessman who has been running restaurants in Hawaii has bought Schooner’s Wharf, a seafood restaurant in Cayucos.

The business was sold March 1 to Brendan Fritzsche by cousins Troy Larkin and Donovan Schmit. When asked why he would come from Hawaii to run a Central Coast restaurant, the new owner said, “Why not? This place is gorgeous. My wife grew up in Templeton, and we’ve spent the last four or five Christmases in Cayucos. With its open, casual, slow pace of life, it was a natural fit for us and, we feel, a great place to do business.”

Schmit and Larkin had owned the business since at least 2005, according to documents filed with the state.

They also own the Crooked Kilt pub and grill in Paso Robles and are opening a new location at the site of the old 1865 Restaurant on Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo.

Fritzsche, who declined to say how much he paid for the business, says he doesn’t intend to make any major changes to Schooner’s decor or menu. Selections range from hamburgers to lobster tails, with prices between $12 and $20 for lunch and $15 to $40 for dinner, he said.

— Melanie Cleveland