Gail Wilcox hired by San Luis Obispo County Employees Association

The county’s largest employee association has hired former Assistant County Administrator Gail Wilcox on a contract basis to conduct a job classification and compensation survey.

Kimm Daniels, general manager of the 1,400-member San Luis Obispo County Employees Association, declined to say how much Wilcox would be paid.

She said Wilcox will not be involved in contract negotiations.

In her job as assistant county administrator, Wilcox represented county management in its negotiations with employee unions.

Last year, the Board of Supervisors fired both Wilcox and her boss, County Administrative Officer David Edge, after allegations that he had sexually harassed her became public.

Supervisors did not cite the alleged harassment in firing Edge in May. He had an “at will” contract that allowed them to remove him without stating a specific reason.

They said at the time that they wanted to go in a different direction, after the 2008 election in which the board’s makeup and point of view changed.

Supervisors at the same time began investigating Wilcox.

Two months later, they fired her as well, “based on her participation in a personal relationship that conflicted with her official duties.”

That relationship was with Tony Perry, who was negotiating on behalf of the Deputy Sheriffs Association across the table from Wilcox.

Daniels said the SLOCEA board of directors hired Wilcox because of her experience.

“Who better?” she said, adding that they got Wilcox for a good price in “a steal of a deal.”

Daniels said Wilcox will be looking at county job classifications and compensation. The goal, she said, is to see whether the formula the Board of Supervisors and other county unions use to compute their increases in compensation is on the same plane as that used with SLOCEA unions.

She said across-the-board fairness is the goal.