Unusual April storm drops more than an inch of rain in 24 hours across much of SLO County

An unusually strong April storm dropped more than an inch of rain around many parts of San Luis Obispo County on Sunday and Monday.

Many areas received more rain in a 24-hour period than they would normally receive during the entire month of April, according to John Lindsey, meteorologist at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Sustained winds were measured at 49.8 mph at Diablo Canyon, with gusts reaching 60.3 mph at 3:15 p.m. Sunday, Lindsey said.

Scattered rain showers are expected to continue through Monday night, Lindsey said. The cold and unstable air mixed with the stronger sunlight of mid-April could produce a few thunderstorms.

Snow is expected to continue falling in the Sierras into Monday evening. Snow levels were down to 4,000 feet.

A more typical spring weather patter is expected to develop Tuesday and continue through Thursday, Lindsey said. Winds are expected to be 19 to 31 mph during the afternoon, and low clouds and fog should develop in the morning along the coastline. Temperatures in most places should reach the mid- to high-60s.

Clouds and a chance of light showers are expected to move toward the area Thursday, Lindsey said. Rainfall should not be significant, but the temperature will likely drop.

Skies should clear over the weekend, with generally warmer temperatures expected.

-Larissa Doust