Los Osos sewer document now online

A 1,000-page report about the Los Osos sewer project is now online at the county’s Department of Public Works website.

Los Osos sewer critics had complained for weeks that they needed to have the report made more accessible.

They said that the county made only one copy available, and then only during business hours at the county offices.

The limited access shut out people who could not get to county offices because they work or who could not wait in line for others to look through the report, they said.

The report is a collection of documents, according to Mark Hutchinson, environmental programs manager for Public Works.

However, some of it is the county’s response to recent requests for information from the California Coastal Commission, he added.

Public Works Director Paavo Ogren said he had not ordered it put online because his department had a lot to do, and this was not as high a priority as other things.

County Clerk-Recorder Julie Rodewald’s staff scanned it toward the end of last week, and it is online now.

To access the report, go to www.slocounty.ca.gov/PW/LOWWP.htm.