Uncover crimes with authors in Morro Bay

Call 911!

Intel suggests criminal activity from 1 to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Coalesce bookstore in Morro Bay. Five “perps” — members of the heavily documented Sisters in Crime — will read their signature whodunit stories penned with murder, mayhem and more.

Linna Thomas, Coalesce proprietor since 1973, admits last year’s plausible production provided more snickers than screams for patrons and friends.

Thomas projected 47.5 more victims would succumb to the deceptive charms of the five Sisters because of their stories and a prize package “to die for” — possibly confiscated merchandise that will be raffled off.

Thomas invites unsuspecting victims to stroll freely about the modernized stacks of new and used novels toward the scent-filled, bird-chirping stained glass garden chapel. For only a smile, the Sisters will share the contents of their inspired mystery treasure chests.

However, beware! The Sisters’ rap sheets forewarn multiple successes at bamboozlement.

Victoria Heckman, leader of the gang, claims to live in Los Osos, but weaves edgy tales set in Hawaii with her series protagonist, a Honolulu police officer. When the Hawaiian heat spells confinement, Heckman moves her capers to Europe. Visit www.victoriaheckman.com for more information.

Susan Tuttle stormed the Central Coast in 2004. “Tangled Webs” is Tuttle’s current crime spree. Her graphic descriptions speculate if a professional quilter is a murderer like her serial killer father. Tuttle, president of SLO NightWriters, is regularly written up for her short stories, novels and creative nonfiction. Find her file at www.susant-writer.com.

Fifteen-year Los Osos resident Sue McGinty hoards Sisters in Crime’s treasury from other crime syndicates. In her first major altercation, she is responsible for a murder resulting from a local sewer project gone horribly wrong. Her gumshoe, Bella Kowalski, is a nun turned obit writer for the Central Coast Chronicle in “Murder in Los Lobos.” Uncover her M.O. at www.SueMcGinty.com.

Escaping Southern California each summer, K.M. (Karen) Kavanagh searches for her coastal muse. In “Rock of Morro Bay,” she cries foul play after a body is found at a tourist-laden construction site. Investigate at www.7SistersPress.com.

Marilyn Meredith has 25 notorious crime scenes on the Central Coast solved by crime stoppers Rocky Bluff PD. Case in point, “An Axe to Grind” discovers an imaginative stalker’s decapitation. Ask her if there’s crime in Morro Bay at fictionforyou.com.

Men and women, challenge the law with Sisters in Crime. You, too, can interrogate, indict and sentence on Sunday at Coalesce. Refreshments gratis — imbibe at your own risk.

Reach Judy Salamacha at 801-1422 or jsalamacha@yahoo.com.