Good vibrations for healthy living

Life was just fine for Gila Zak until her 9-year-old daughter got the flu one night and thereafter associated stomach pain with regurgitation, which triggered frequent and uncontrollable panic attacks.

Her friend Robin Molnar suggested an alternative health treatment called quantum biofeedback. Molnar felt that the stress reduction system helped her own daughter’s ability to finally respond to sinus infection antibiotics.

It wasn’t a direct parallel to Zak’s situation, but she figured she ought to try anything that might reduce her child’s pain.

A noninvasive procedure, the three-minute computer analysis assesses internal body energy that radiates through straps attached to the forehead, wrists and ankles.

The energy is believed to reveal internal stressors that some say could be the underlying issues blocking healing. Treatment is then focused in the stressed areas.

“I’m always the skeptic, so I researched all the data,” Zak said. “Quantum biofeedback is based on quantum physics. Everything on the planet has a vibration frequency — even what you cannot see, touch or feel. The cells in the body connect to each other electrically.”

Zak was convinced the treatments helped Melissa, now a student at Los Osos Middle School. In fact, when she was diagnosed 18 months later with Lyme disease, the doctor was amazed her organs were not more damaged.

“I had a good business as a contract bookkeeper, but at 40, I was looking for something else,” Zak said. “I found the treatments worked for my family — my husband’s chronic back and my son’s constant outbreaks with poison oak.”

After training and certification, she purchased the EPFX — Electro Physiology Feedback Xrroid — system and opened Quantum Waves on Ninth Street in Los Osos more than a year ago.

“I do not claim to treat, diagnose or cure,” Zak emphasized. “The goal is like physical therapy. I treat until you feel better — maybe one, usually three to five, treatments — to make the body stress-free so it can take care of what’s really wrong.”

Zak is a true believer of alternative health care and is quick to say, “I don’t think there is one modality out there for everyone. Try several — chiropractic, massage, oils, color and aroma therapy, reflexology, Reiki. A few years ago, acupuncture was way out there. Today, it’s insurable.”

A stress reduction program can also be prescribed by a physician.

Recently, Zak’s daughter impressed her with a sage remark about a school friend’s health problems: “You know, Mom, she could heal herself with her mind if she wanted to.”

“Health is a process ... not an event,” Zak said. “The goal is to reach our peak performance.”

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