New trial requested for man accused of killing Joshua Houlgate

The new attorney for Patrick Wollett, the man convicted of killing 36-year-old Joshua Houlgate on Dec. 6, 2007, said that a motion for a new trial will be heard Friday.

Tom McCormick said that his client has filed a motion for a new trial and that the representation of his former attorney, Greg Jacobson, will be at issue at the hearing.

Jacobson will testify for the prosecution that he adequately represented Wollett, and McCormick plans to call witnesses of his own as well.

Wollett was convicted June 22 with Chad Westbrook of killing Houlgate in 2007. Westbrook received a sentence in August of 67 years to life in prison.

Prosecutors said Westbrook shot Houlgate with a shotgun while Wollett battered both Houlgate and Sarah Lonsinger-Rey with a baseball bat after the pair had just had sex at a mobile home at Orcutt Road.

Lonsinger-Rey had been engaged to Wollett’s brother, which prosecutors said prompted the crime.

--Nick Wilson