David Middlecamp: The leisurely fashion trends of the ’70s

Name one good fashion trend of the 1970s. Take your time. Still having trouble?

It was the era of Bianca Jagger, Jimmy Carter and David Bowie.

Starting to come back now? Platform shoes, big hair, glitter and the leisure suit.

Oops, forgot we were looking for good fashion trends.

While you are thinking it over, let’s examine the copy for an ad that ran in the fashion trend setter Family Weekly on June 5, 1976.

Sporting a relaxed “Hey baby, come here often?” smile, the fashion hero is ready for action in Haband’s “Cool Comfortable and Correct NO IRON LEISURE SUIT.”

(Fashion faux pas alert: the model is NOT wearing a mood ring or gold chain with a zodiac sign around his neck.)

For just under $30 — about $114 of today’s money, according to the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics — you get the jacket, slacks AND color matching belt!

If you don’t like the outfit, keep the belt and return the suit and slacks for a full refund.

Check out the details: wide rolling resort collar, extra-wide tunnel belt loops, wash and wear and not to mention great colors such as light blue, maize and wine.

The 100 percent polyester construction ensures that this suit will still be wearable when archeologists unearth it for the American quadracentennial in 2176.

Quoting from the ad:

“You go to nice places. You enjoy escorting your well-dressed wife. Yet wherever you go, you see big spending sportsmen, celebrities and country-clubbers wearing the lighter, livelier summer colors that seem to be reserved for high priced clothes!

“Nuts to that!”

That’s what I need today — millionaire row fashion, with uncommon extra styling for under 30 bucks.

Where’s my debit card? What? They only take checks? That’s old school.

OK, time’s up. What was your favorite 1970s fashion?

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