Cal Poly students, staff protest lack of money for schools

About 60 people gathered at Cal Poly’s Dexter Lawn to protest a lack of education funding and state spending priorities – holding signs that included “Fight for Education” and “Schools not Prisons.”

Junior social science major Kelly Schewer said that she attended the rally because she thinks California needs to support education better to improve the state’s economic crisis.

She says she has been affected by increases in student fees and has had to take out more in loans to pay for her education.

“I think it’s really wrong that prisons are getting more money than schools,” Schewer said. “We need to spend more on education to get us out of the economic mess we’re in.”

Jane Lehr, an assistant professor in ethnic studies, said that her research and teachings have shown that more people in California need bachelor’s degree and she believes that inequities exist with who has access to college education based on the public school system they emerge from.

“College is becoming more of a privilege as thousands of qualified students get turned down from California State universities, and less of an opportunity that everyone should have,” Lehr said.

Cal Poly’s mandatory campus fees have increase from $4,349 in 2006-2007 to $6,198 this year after fee hikes each year.