Los Osos sewer critics no longer have special time at SLO County supervisors' meetings

Los Osos sewer critics, who have for several years been given a special speaking time at San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors’ meetings, can still speak but will not have their own regular slot on the agenda, supervisors decided Tuesday.

Chairman Frank Mecham said Los Osos issues are important to Los Osos residents, but most likely less so to others. He said the town has its own supervisor, Bruce Gibson, and residents can speak with him during his office hours.

Significant issues still will go before the Board of Supervisors, Mecham added.

“There will be a (Los Osos) item before the board when there is something to talk about,” Gibson agreed.

The board and Los Osos residents have been going back and forth for years over the sewer being proposed for the community.

A group of Los Osos residents has routinely taken considerable time during supervisors' Tuesday meetings to express themselves about the sewer and the way the county has handled it.

That in turn has led board members to say, at various times, that the time spent on Los Osos detracts from legitimate concerns of others throughout the county.

In addition, it has forced the board to go past 5 p.m., at which point the supervisors lose their radio feed, and people listening at home cannot hear the meeting.

Supervisors at first gave the board their own time every week, then reduced that to once a month. Furious Los Osos residents accused supervisors of limiting their free speech.

Los Osos residents can continue to speak during public comment, like anyone else in the county.