Elderly Arroyo Grande man pleads not guilty in alleged kidnapping case

The Arroyo Grande man accused of kidnapping a six-month old girl has pleaded not guilty to several charges in connection with the alleged incident on Feb. 9, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Peter T. Hewitt, 82, entered his plea of not guilty today in court to allegations of kidnapping, child detention preventing rightful custody, child endangerment and resisting arrest.

Hewitt was arrested after allegedly grabbing the keys from a woman who had been staying with him and driving away from the parking lot of a Grover Beach supermarket with her baby in his van.

The woman, 34-year-old Jennifer Kim, had been staying with Hewitt temporarily.

They reportedly met at the Nipomo Community Presbyterian Church.

Police said they found the baby with Hewitt in his garage and returned her safely to her mother.

--Nick Wilson