SLO County Roundup

San Luis Obispo

A Los Angeles woman who pleaded guilty in November to drug charges after police arrested her for attempting to bring drugs into the California Men’s Colony was sentenced Monday to a year in County Jail.

Guadalupe Ruiz admitted to investigators that she was concealing the drugs after she was stopped at the prison during a law enforcement surveillance of her activities on May 17, according to a police report.

Authorities arrested 21 people and called the sting Operation Broken Badge because some employees of the local prison were allegedly involved.

Ruiz pleaded guilty on Nov. 30 to conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of cocaine for sale, sale or transportation of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana for sale, and sale or transportation of marijuana.

Some of the other cases in the sting are pending; charges against one woman arrested in the summer, Toby Holguin, were dismissed.

— Nick Wilson

An administrator with Community Health Centers was sentenced Friday to two years probation and a restitution fine to pay back money he allegedly took from a local nonprofit organization that benefits Hispanics and other minorities.

Lorincio “Larry” Bacus pleaded no contest to charges involving his alleged embezzlement of $13,476 from Visión Unida.

A no contest plea results in a conviction without an admission of guilt.

Visión Unida is a longstanding organization that aims to develop community leaders and, in particular, foster local Latino leaders. Many local leaders in the county regularly speak to participants of the program; classes are held weekly.

Bacus acted as a treasurer at the time of the alleged embezzlement.

Bacus must complete 200 hours of community work service as part of his plea. According to the District Attorney’s Office, he has repaid the money.

— Nick Wilson