Criminal charges are thrown out in alleged surfing scuffle

In a case of surf rage heard in San Luis Obispo Superior Court this week, one surfer accused another of ramming him with a surfboard as they argued over who should catch a wave.

The alleged surf-related assault occurred in the ocean at Montaña de Oro last summer.

Kenneth Nakazawa, 24, was accused of jamming his surfboard into Kevin Lee Majors’ nose after Majors claimed Nakazawa stole a wave from him at the surf spot known as Hazards, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Attorneys involved with the case say both surfers live in San Luis Obispo County.

Witnesses who testified Tuesday presented different versions of who started the fight Aug. 29, opening the possibility Nakazawa was acting in self-defense or accidentally hit Majors as part of the scuffle.

Majors, 36, approached and then splashed water on Nakazawa after accusing the younger man of positioning himself in front of him on the wave, according to prosecutors.

The two exchanged words and Nakazawa allegedly pushed his board out from under him and hit Majors in the nose; the resulting gash needed 30 stitches to close the wound.

But witness accounts, including allegations that Majors threw punches to start the fight, differed.

For that reason, criminal charges were dismissed Tuesday by Judge Michael Duffy after a preliminary hearing, according to lawyers involved with the case.