Insurance executives say they’ll run against Capps

Lois Capps, the long-term Demo-crat congressional incumbent in the 23rd District, will face at least two Republican challengers who both work in the insurance industry.

Santa Maria insurance company owner Dave Stockdale and John Davidson, an insurance and financial services executive from Thousand Oaks, announced their candidacies this week.

Davidson, 58, is founder and president of Davidson Insurance & Financial Services Inc. In 2006, he was elected president of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors — a $20 million professional association representing 200,000 members and their staff.

Davidson said in a news release that he will fight for a free market economy and against expanding a government “that already overregulates and overspends.”

“I am running for Congress … to join the fight to stop runaway spending and to bring our federal budget into balance before we collapse under the weight of government debt,” he wrote.

Stockdale, 54, a graduate of The College of Wooster, owns a life and health insurance business in Santa Maria. He said he will focus on a “back to basics” campaign that emphasizes jobs, freedom and personal responsibility.

“It’s time to get government off our backs,” Stockdale said. “People are tired of ineffective politicians and a mindset that says it’s OK to spend, spend, spend. Our children don’t deserve the debt from the spending spree in Washington.”

Stockdale added that he will press for accountability from elected officials, and focus on a strong national defense and a limited, constitutional approach to government.

Capps was first elected to Congress in March 1998 and has held the seat since. She represents coastal sections of San Luis Obispo County.

Recently she took the national stage to lead Democratic efforts to oppose restrictions on coverage for abortions as part of the health care package being crafted in Congress.