Flamson needs a finishing touch

Workers put the finishing touches on the Auditorium at Flamson Middle School in Paso.    Photo Jayson Mellom 1-12-10
Workers put the finishing touches on the Auditorium at Flamson Middle School in Paso. Photo Jayson Mellom 1-12-10 The Tribune

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is paying for George H. Flamson Middle School’s new $15.2 million building — but not for the desks and other furniture to fill it.

“FEMA only replaces what was there originally,” Principal Gene Miller said.

However, the previous building’s furniture is now being used at other schools, so replacements are needed.

That’s why Paso Robles Public Schools is asking the community for thousands of dollars in a campaign to start this month.

Flamson’s original building was torn down after the 2003 San Simeon Earthquake. The new brick structure will have 17 classrooms, a multipurpose room and a library.

The district is seeking $175,000 for desks, chairs, bookshelves and projectors to fill the new space, as well as a school marquee.

Once the district collects the donations, the goods could be purchased from used-furniture sellers or national retailers, depending on which fits the budget, Miller said.

The district also seeks local family photos or historical city items for a new wall devoted to local history. It’s being designed to showcase Paso Robles’ history from its incorporation in 1889 to the present.

“It’s to show the history about our town and a focus on the early settler families,” Miller said. “Not just that this was the old Paso Robles High School — but that this is part of the community.”

“Many people passed through the original building when it was the high school,” he said, referencing when the middle school site was a high school from 1925 to 1981.

Any donor contributing $100 or more will be listed on a plaque for the history wall in the main entrance. Larger sums, starting at $2,000, will earn donors individual wall plaques for spaces such as the classrooms and library.

How to donate

The school is accepting room sponsors, individual donations and items for its history wall. All checks should be made to the Flamson Middle School PTSA.

For more information, contact Principal Gene Miller at gmiller@pasoschools.org. For a list of room naming opportunities by space and the sum sought, visit the administration page on Flamson’s school site at www.pasoschools.org.