Temporary restraining orders against Ed Arnold to stand for now

A decision on the status of temporary restraining orders against Arroyo Grande City Councilman Ed Arnold was postponed Thursday.

Arnold, 45, wasn’t present at the hearing in which his lawyer, Edward Somogyi, sought the delay on his behalf.

Neither the alleged victim nor Arnold’s wife, Kathryn, was present in the courtroom Thursday.

The women sought separate restraining orders after Arnold’s alleged attack Dec. 15 with a metal pipe against a 28-year-old woman whom he blamed for the breakup of his marriage, according to court documents.

Commissioner Gayle L. Peron ruled that the emergency orders against Arnold by his wife and the alleged victim of the attack will stand until further notice. The next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 18.

The upcoming hearing likely will decide how long the temporary restraining orders will remain in effect.

No charges have been filed yet regarding the alleged assault, but an arraignment for Arnold is expected on Jan. 25, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Arnold has not commented publicly since his arrest. He was not present at a City Council meeting Tuesday, citing the press coverage of the meeting, city officials said.