Three storms advance on SLO County

Don’t let the meager rainfall and relatively small waves associated with Tuesday’s storm fool you: San Luis Obispo County is in for a wet week. Three storms are expected to hit the Central Coast next week, weather forecasters say, producing up to 20-foot waves and between 5 and 10 inches of rainfall.

Residents should expect the first storm’s 10-foot waves Sunday through Monday morning to increase to 12 to 14 feet by the afternoon and night. Wednesday’s storm, when combined with the first storm, could produce waves up to 18 feet and can be expected Tuesday through Wednesday.

A third storm is scheduled to reach the Central Coast next Thursday and Friday with more large waves that could be up to 20 feet, said John Lindsey, Pacific Gas and Electric Co. media relations representative and expert on Central Coast weather.

Lindsey said it is uncommon for multiple storms to reach one area, and these storms will produce a very unsettled weather pattern with heavy rainfall.

There were no problems associated with Tuesday night’s rain, the San Luis Obispo CHP and Coast Guard of Morro Bay reported.

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