SLO County Roundup

Carrizo Plain

The motorcyclist who was killed in an off-road crash in a remote area of eastern San Luis Obispo County on Friday has been identified as Matthew Drake of Fresno.

Drake, 38, was one of four people riding on a dirt service road about 1.6 miles west of Soda Lake Road in the Carrizo Plain National Monument, said officer Bill Irons of the CHP’s Templeton office.

Drake, riding a 1996 Honda dual sport motorcycle, was leading the group when he failed to brake on time before hitting the edge of a ravine, Irons said.

The riders were reaching speeds of 55 to 70 mph, he added.

No other injuries were reported.

Authorities say Drake was wearing a helmet, but it appears he died of neck injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Kern County authorities received a call about 4:50 p.m. from the group of riders, Irons said.

Authorities are investigating whether the service road was open to public access.

— Tonya Strickland

San Luis Obispo

The City Council has passed an ordinance establishing rules for use of the creek, creek side and riparian areas to protect habitat and water quality.

The city has regulations prohibiting camping, fires and other activities around the city, but enforcement does not focus on San Luis Obispo’s creeks.

The ordinance identifies the requirement being placed upon the city, the activities that cause violations and the lands affected by the ordinance, and provides ways to enforce regulations. It was passed Feb. 2.

— Amy Dempsey