Weyrich's Paso Robles jet center ignores eviction notice

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The city of Paso Robles has given a notice of eviction to David Weyrich, the operator of the Paso Robles Jet Center at the city’s airport.

But the Paso Robles business has refused to budge and continues to provide fuel services to the airport.

On Jan. 14, the city issued a notice to Weyrich’s North American Jet Charter at the airport notifying him that he had three days to solve problems in violation of his lease or he must vacate the premises.

Violations included: maintaining public liability and fire insurance and failing to provide aircraft maintenance and repair.

In spite of the notice, Weyrich has continued to operate the fuel concession at the airport, although the jet center ran out of fuel the last weekend of January, prompting an advisory by the Federal Aviation Administration to pilots that they would not be able to refuel at the airport. Without fuel, planes could have been stranded at the airport. Also, emergency aircraft, such as fire tankers, would not have had enough fuel to operate out of the airport.

“Making sure that fuel is able to be provided is a very strong concern of the city, and it has been looking into options for how it would be handled if and when NAJC is no longer there so that there is no interruption of service,” said Paso Robles City Attorney Iris Yang.