Jet center fuel stock back to required level

Roger Oxborrow, manager of the Paso Robles Municipal Airport, confirmed Wednesday that the Paso Robles Jet Center, which is owned by David Weyrich, has gotten enough fuel again to satisfy aviation minimums.

“He got two loads — about 16,000 gallons yesterday morning — enough to last us about a month,” Oxborrow said.

He said no pilots were stranded as a result of the fuel shortage that occurred over last weekend. The Jet Center had only about 100 gallons left, and the Federal Aviation Administration’s National Airspace System notified pilots that fuel was “unavailable” at the airport, according to its Web site.

Weyrich, beleaguered with debts and foreclosures on other key real estate holdings, controls the fuel operations that supply the planes and helicopters at the airport.

“We have a lease in place, the Weyrich lease,” Oxborrow said. “Until such time that a legal decision is made, we continue to rely on his performance.”

Chevron would not supply the airport with fuel until Weyrich wired the oil company payment in advance, Oxborrow said.

The airport operates as a base for CHP helicopters and firefighting tankers and is a frequent stop for military aircraft. It is also used for private planes.

A primary concern of the city is making sure aircraft involved with public safety are assured of having enough fuel, Oxborrow said.

“The city is very concerned about maintaining a high level of service,” he added. Oxborrow says a “comfortable” amount of fuel on hand would be around 3,000 gallons in the winter. In the fire season during the summer, the goal is to have at least 6,000 gallons in storage.

If the airport doesn’t keep a minimum of 2,000 gallons in the ground, the self-serve pumps won’t work and pilots who arrive after 7 p.m. can’t get fuel.