Plans for winery and farm stand in the North County stalled

A winery and farm stand to be spread over 35 acres on Green Valley Road halfway between Templeton and Highway 1 stalled Tuesday, as the Board of Supervisors asked the applicant to provide more information about water distribution rights between him and his neighbors.

Landscaper Joe Mistretta and his family bought the rights to build in 2009. He planned to hold 12 events yearly with no more than 150 people, convert an existing storage building to a farm stand, and, eventually, build a winery at 8345 Green Valley Road.

Many Mistretta family members testified on his behalf, and one neighbor said “people should be allowed to pursue their dreams.” Mistretta said he already had made improvements to the property.

Others protested, however, and supervisors noted a lack of clarity about whether there is sufficient water available to Mistretta to allow him to go forward as he would like.

“I like what they want to do,” said Supervisor Adam Hill, but “there are some things that need to be straightened out.”

Supervisors continued the hearing until March 23.

-Bob Cuddy

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