Bar and restaurant at Weyrich's The Carlton hotel in Atascadero closed

David Weyrich’s week has been bad, and continues to get worse.

The bar and restaurant of The Carlton hotel in Atascadero has been closed, as of today.

The closure was confirmed by an employee who answered The Carlton hotel phone, Amir Karimpour. The hotel remains open, he said.

Weyrich, who is tens of millions of dollars in debt, was also forced to surrender key properties to foreclosure this week, including his luxury hotel, the Villa Toscana. He also had not paid Chevron to supply aviation fuel to his Paso Robles Jet Charter service at the Paso Robles Municipal Airport, which caused the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a notice to pilots that no fuel was available at the airport this past weekend.

The Carlton was not facing foreclosure, though it, too, is in financial trouble. According to its lender, RE Loans, the property has tens of millions of dollars worth of liens that Weyrich has defaulted on.

That property -- which was assessed by the county at nearly $14 million for property-tax purposes -- also has $451,865 in current and back property taxes due to the county. Weyrich also owes personal taxes of nearly $465,000, according to Brenda Voet of the Franchise Tax Board.

The Carlton, a 52-room hotel with restaurant and bar, has been under pressure from former employees who have complained to the state they are not being paid weekly wages or have been given checks that bounced, according to documents filed with the state's Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

The Carlton's general manager, Deana Alexander, told The Tribune last week that employees are not being paid on a regular basis and she has been given the difficult task of choosing whom she should pay on any given day.

"Everything this hotel makes goes to the employees," she said. "But unfortunately we're not making enough."

A call to Alexander today has not yet been returned.