Plans for 108-unit housing development in Templeton given OK to move forward

Supervisors on Tuesday let a proposal to build more than 100 houses on the 17-acre site of a livestock auction yard in Templeton move forward, but warned the applicant that they want to see improvements when he brings it back for later review.

“When this comes back (later in the planning process), approval is not guaranteed,” said Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

Gibson was on the short end of a 4-1 vote allowing the proposal to go forward.

It calls for 108 houses at 221 North Main Street. It would also include two open space lots of 49,000 and 27,000 square feet and a commercial lot of 72,000 square feet.

The project would include 17 “four-packs” – four parcels sharing a common driveway, and 40 single-family units..

Noting that the houses would be at the north entrance to Templeton, Gibson ripped into the design, which he called “relatively poor.”

“I wouldn’t want this at the gateway to my community, either,” Gibson said.

Jim Patterson agreed that it is “lacking in creativity.”

And Adam Hill said he want wants to see the developer, Templeton Properties/Will Tucker, ensure that there is adequate recreational space.

The board decision followed a public hearing at which several Templeton residents said they did not like the development.

They worried that it would add to traffic, burden schools, and lower property values.

Despite all these misgivings, the project in the end would provide homes that working people can afford, supervisors said.

The development was an odd one for the county. Planners objected to the portion that allowed single-family homes, arguing that more multi-family was needed.

Neighbors, meanwhile, said the number of houses was suggested was too large, not too small.