Rain, cooler temperatures forecast to return this week

Rain is about to return to San Luis Obispo County, according to forecasters, who predict cloudy weather will make for cooler-than-normal days this week.

But while the “storm door” is open, the Central Coast won’t be in for a repeat of the battering of rain, wind and waves that slammed ashore two weeks ago.

John Lindsey, a community relations representative for Pacific Gas and Electric Co. in San Luis Obispo and a specialist in local weather forecasting, said storms coming Thursday night, then Saturday, have the potential to drop up to 3 inches of rain on the region.

The National Weather Service is not predicting quite that amount, but does foresee Friday as a rainy day and forecasts the potential for showers every day this week, starting today.

Unlike two weeks ago, “the storm pattern right now is not as vigorous,” Lindsey said. “The jet stream is not blowing as strong as then, and even the westerlies at the surface are not as strong.” The jet stream is the river of air in the upper atmosphere that steers weather systems toward California from the Pacific Ocean.

“It is not the same pattern as two weeks ago,” Lindsey said, “but still, the conditions are there to allow systems to come to the Central Coast.”

The daytime high temperature in San Luis Obispo each day this week will be near 60, which is about five degrees below normal. Overnight lows will be in the mid- to upper 40s. Temperatures will be even cooler in the North County.