SLO County Roundup

Paso Robles

The Paso Robles City Council has approved a contract to upgrade sewer mains at the lift stations near the Bella Vista Estates and Meadowlark Estates.

The mains were designed to move sewer flow from the developments and not accumulate waste.

When the mains were created, there were fewer sewer customers. So the mains’ diameters need to be increased to six inches from the current four, according to city officials.

The project, approved on Tuesday, will cost about $147,000.

— Amy Dempsey

Los Osos

Equestrians, mountain bikers and hikers will join Central Coast Concerned Mountain Bikers in cleaning up Montaña de Oro’s most popular trails Feb. 7.

The 21st annual Super Bowl Volunteer Trail Work Day kicks off at 8 a.m. at the Ranger Station with breakfast and a raffle.

Every volunteer will be given a free pair of Solar Comfort polarized ultraviolet-protection sunglasses.

— Amy Dempsey

Cal Poly

Cal Poly campus residents are working together to plan a series of events aimed at helping earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, according to university officials.

Activities include loose-change collections set up at each residence hall and apartment front desk operation.

Money raised by this collection will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Bulletin boards are posted in the campus communities to inform students of safe ways to donate to the relief effort.

A Hearts for Haiti fundraising program also is being planned and will coincide with Valentine’s Day celebrations. Valentine’s Day holograms will be sold, and proceeds will go to a national relief group.

— Nick Wilson

SLO County

On Tuesday, the county formally agreed to help the federal government conduct the 2010 census.

The Board of Supervisors offered to provide space for training and testing census workers, help with outreach and help in finding hard-to-reach people such as the homeless.

“Through a variety of community contacts who work with people who are homeless, the Census Bureau can identify areas where the homeless live or visit,” the county’s Vince Morici wrote in an e-mail to The Tribune.

People who are interested in census jobs can call 1-866-861-2010. They can also go to the Census 2010 web site at: http://2010.census.gov/2010censusjobs.

The government aims to count everyone in the U.S. and Puerto Rico this year. The results help the government allocate federal money as well as determine how many congressional representatives each state has.

— Bob Cuddy