County fills position vacated by Gail Wilcox

Dan Buckshi has been named Assistant County Administrator, filling the job left vacant when Gail Wilcox was fired more than six months ago, and giving the county administration stability at its highest levels after months of turmoil.

County Administrator Jim Grant, who replaced the also-fired David Edge, has nominated Buckshi to become his second-in-command. The Board of Supervisors is due to act on the nomination on Tuesday.

Buckshi, who often serves as the point man for county administration during budget deliberations with the board, has worked in the administrative office for eight years. Before that he spent seven years in management in the private sector. He just received his M.A. in Public Policy from Cal Poly.

Buckshi has been doing some of the work of the Assistant County Administrator since Wilcox departed, Grant said.

The county administration was thrown into turmoil last May when the Human Resources Director Tami Douglas-Schatz was told of Edge’s alleged sexual harassment of Wilcox.

Douglas-Schatz alerted county supervisors, who immediately placed Edge on paid administrative leave. Supervisors held a pair of extraordinary closed-door meetings -- 10 hours in all -- after which they also placed Wilcox on paid administrative leave, and ordered an investigation of Wilcox.

They fired Edge on May 19 and Wilcox on July 14.

Wilcox sued the county and Edge, alleging sexual harassment. That suit is in the deposition stage.

The lurid details contained in Wilcox’s lawsuit, the county’s investigative report on Wilcox, and e-mails obtained by The Tribune titillated the county for months.

Buckshi’s appointment is expected to mute the drama that has characterized the county’s top echelons.

He will make $149,447 plus benefits.

By leaving the position vacant for seven months, the county saved $134,000 in salary and benefits, Grant wrote in a report to the Board of Supervisors.