SLO County Roundup

San Luis Obispo

Sentencing was delayed Friday for the Atascadero woman who pleaded no contest last month to nine charges in connection with her baby daughter’s death in 2007.

Arianne Mercé Brito, 24, is the wife of 29-year-old Fermin Brito Palacios, who received a sentence of 31 years to life after a Sept. 10 conviction for beating their daughter, Natalia, to death.

Brito didn’t beat the child but failed to report the crime, police said. She is expected to receive a sentence of 20 years and eight months in prison.

She could end up serving about 15 years in prison based on time already served in County Jail and credit if she obeys state prison rules and regulations should the judge grant the plea agreed upon by the defense and prosecution.

The hearing took place in Judge Charles Crandall’s courtroom.

— Nick Wilson

Paso Robles

The City Council on Tuesday approved an agreement that allows private owners to continue storing their aircraft in hangars at Paso Robles Municipal Airport.

Previous sublease agreements executed in the 1980s with a 20-year term expired in 2007.

Upon the agreements’ expiration, hangar tenants expressed their desire to continue using the location as a storage site.

The new lease term expires in 2031.

— Amy Dempsey SLO County

Caltrans is hosting a workshop Thursday to help local governments, transit agencies, community-based organizations and tribal governments apply for transportation planning funds.

The 2010-2011 application procedures will be discussed for community-based transportation planning, environmental justice, partnership planning and transit planning.

Caltrans has a $9.2 million budget for statewide grants that will revitalize neighborhoods, encourage bicycling, transit or walking, address tribal transportation priorities and spur economic development.

Starting at 9:30 a.m., the workshop will be in the Sycamore Room at the Caltrans offices at 50 Higuera St. in San Luis Obispo.

An online seminar is planned for those who cannot attend in person.

— Amy Dempsey