Arroyo officials not sure if Ed Arnold will show up for Tuesday meeting

Arroyo Grande City Councilman Ed Arnold, who was arrested last month on suspicion of attacking a female city employee, had not resigned his post Friday, and local officials say they don’t know if he’ll appear at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Arnold, 45, is expected to be arraigned Jan. 25 in San Luis Obispo Superior Court after being arrested on suspicion of attacking a 28-year-old female city employee on Dec. 15. Charges haven’t yet been filed in the case.

The alleged victim has claimed in court documents that Arnold blamed her for the break-up of his marriage.

Arnold was released from jail after posting $50,000 bail within hours of his arrest.

City Manager Steve Adams said that Arnold hasn’t given an indication to the city that he’ll resign.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at 215 E. Branch St.

“I’m making an assumption that he will be there,” Adams said. “I don't know if he definitely will.”

The council has limited authority in removing him from office, Mayor Tony Ferrara said last month. The only condition for removing a council member is if the person cannot physically attend council meetings, he said.

In addition to the allegations of the alleged attack victim, Ed’s wife, Kathryn Arnold, stated in a divorce filing that he installed a surveillance camera in their daughter’s bedroom, and she believes he had a camera in the bathroom as well to monitor those in the home.

Kathryn Arnold claimed in the divorce filing that her husband prevented her from leaving their home at least 50 times during their marriage and during an argument over Thanksgiving, he allegedly blocked her in their daughter’s bedroom and wouldn’t let her leave until she talked to him.

A mutual friend of the Arnolds said she received a cell phone text message from him stating that he did not see how he would survive the divorce, “I am not sure I want to. We always said there would be marriage and no divorce, only death, natural or otherwise.”

The friend informed Kathryn Arnold of the text message out of concern for her safety.

Ed Arnold didn’t return an e-mail from The Tribune for comment Friday.