Frank Mecham becomes chairman of SLO Board of Supervisors

Frank Mecham became chairman of the county Board of Supervisors Tuesday as the board conducted its annual transfer of power. Mecham replaces Bruce Gibson for the one-year term

Board members chose Adam Hill as vice-chairman.

Mecham, who had lots of experience running meetings as mayor of Paso Robles, told the Tribune in an e-mail that “my role is to be sure that all points are heard, not only from my colleagues but staff and the public as well.”

“I do not intend to limit public comment,” he went on. “I will be respectful of a person's right to speak, but I ask for the same respect when our calendar is full and we have a lot of business to discuss.”

Mecham wrote that “for the most part, the board meetings are a county business meeting, not a town hall meeting. If an issue comes up that would require extensive discussions we can arrange for a more flexible discussion.”

Gibson, and before him Jim Patterson and Shirley Bianchi, fielded considerable criticism from critics of the Los Osos sewer proposal, who complained that supervisors were limiting their right to speak.