SLO council supports alcohol sales at Laguna Lake Golf Course

Cooling off with a beer may be an option for players at the Laguna Lake Golf Course after an action Tuesday night by the San Luis Obispo City Council.

The council decided on a slightly contentious 3-2 vote to support alcohol sales for the first time in the golf course’s history. Councilmembers Jan Marx and Allen Settle opposed the sale of alcohol at the facility.

The city will not be the vendor who distributes alcohol, according to the council’s decision. Instead, staff will solicit bids from restaurant concessionaires with alcohol license to sell both prepared food and alcohol at the small clubhouse, or possibly out of a cart of separate facility.

The last concessionaire at the course stopped operating there in December, in part because sales were low.

Since the course does not have a county Public Health Department-approved kitchen, food cannot be prepared on site. Some at City Hall say that allowing a restaurant concessionaire to sell alcohol in addition to food could bring out more bids to provide the service and more golfers to the site.

Selling alcohol is one of three steps the council took to improve the number of rounds played at the course.

The council also decided to adopt a slightly lower off-peak rate for players willing to use the noon to 3 p.m. time period. The morning rates will remain $11, the new rate for the three-hour early afternoon period will be $10, and the after 3 p.m. rate will remain $8.25 per round.